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During this coronavirus crisis, the best way to sustain your business or start a new source of income is to have an awesome website to begin with.

With our web hosting, web design and web development services, you’ll be able to continue making sales and generate new leads, even when you’re not able to operate from your office.

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About Us

When your brand has a noteworthy online presence, your sales can increase by over 40%, with most of your revenue coming from new online prospects!

With years of experience in web design and web development, we have mastered the skill to build super-attractive websites in the shortest possible timeframes and at very reasonable prices.

We will work closely with you to make sure that not only your requirements are met, but also your clients find it easy to find you and place order with you to buy your products or services.

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Who Needs Our Websites

Running Businesses

A website would generate business, promote goodwill among customers and prospects, and deliver strong marketing messages for your brand. In this crisis time when it's difficult to maintain an office or retail outlet, making sales from a website is all the more important.

Relaunched Brands

Is your website unique, convincing and up-to-date? If it's not, not to worry! Our developers are blessed with the taste of contemporary customers, who will redesign your site in a way that your customers would think you have relaunched your brand in an inspiring way.

Side Hustlers

As a passive income earner, your website would not only be your personal brand, but also a means to reach out to your prospects, offer your services, collect payments and gather feedback. Your website reflects your credibility and should thus be impressive, responsive and competitively developed.

Aspiring Enterpreneurs

For anyone who wants to start his/her own business these days, the first pre-requisite is to have a fantastic website that spells out your offerings, invites people to try out your services, and gives your audience a chance to drop in their feedback. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, we are here to get your started on that!

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Amazingly Responsive Websites

We Are Here For You In These Difficult Times

Stay Home And Work From Home To Protect Your Family, Friends And Fellow Citizens!

We will also work for you tirelessly from home to make sure your business keeps running smoothly.

Professional Websites

Corporate Services

Whether you are a consultancy firm, a law firm or a financial services provider, our templates will help you grow your identity to increase your clients’ trust on you. 

Clinic or Hospital

It’s important that your clinic website is designed in a way that makes it easy for all members of your digital audience to find the information they need. And that’s exactly what we offer!

Restaurant and Retail

A website is an important marketing tool for your restaurant to solidify your online presence. Our templates enable people to view your menus/prices and feel the taste.

Fitness & Gym

Every gym needs a website, but not all websites are created equally. Our templates will help you connect with your members, reach new customers, and improve your management.


We have many freelance websites that suits your profession as: Accountants, Real Estate agents, Nutritionist, Cleaner, Coach, Trainer, Facial Make-Up, Wedding Organiser, Plumbing, Barber, Arts, Photographer, Authors and many more.

Hotels & Interior Designing

Your design is not just what you do for living, but a way of self-expression. Through our templates, your vision will be transmitted to millions of people worldwide making it easier for them to visualise the comfort you are about to offer them.


Our templates will provide up-to-date information and positively represent your construction company to your existing as well as potential clients. Construction is a work of art, with a well designed website, you can now showcase your creativity.


If you’re running a charity initiative, having a website is crucial to raise awareness, encourage donations and maintain relationships with supporters to keep the funds flowing. This can be achieved through a well structured website, displaying all of your efforts.

E-Commerce Websites


The trend of purchasing clothing online is on the rise. The e-boutique we’ll make for you will not only let your customers research information about your products online, but also buy conveniently from the comfort of their homes.

Electronics & Home Appliances

With the e-store we’ll make for you, your profits will no longer be limited by the number of customers that can physically visit your brick and mortar location to buy the appliances that you’re selling.

Grocery Store

Offer freshly handpicked groceries delivered from your shop straight to your customers’ homes. Have an edge over all your competitors by allowing us to build a highly responsive and interactive website for your grocery store.


Let your customers view your full inventory of furniture by uploading your catalogue on the user-friendly and responsive website we’ll create for you. They can now choose from the comfort of their home and make online bookings.

Shoes & Accessories

Upload your latest designs of shoes on the e-store we’ll make for you, so that your customers can browse through, choose and place order with you directly from their house.

Books & Stationery

Increase the sales of your books and stationery items by opening up your own fantastic e-store where your customers can view the inventory and prices that you have.

Mobile Phones & Accessories

Along with allowing you to better serve your customers, the online store we’ll make for you will help you find totally new audiences for your products — ones that may never enter your physical location.

E-Learning Websites

College or University

Offering remote courses to your students can be very cost-effective and appealing to those who stay far away from your university campus. We will develop a complete online institute for you!

Training Centre

Many training centres are offering their courses online these days. Do not restrict the number of your trainees to your classroom space. Have us build your own online academy today!

Tuition Centre

If you run a tuition centre, you would greatly benefit from having an interactive and well-programmed website to sell your expertise online and multiply your reach, students and revenue.

Independent Trainer

Are you an independent trainer? Do you worry where to get more and more clients from? Get us to build a landing page or website for you that tells the world about your awesomeness!

Automobile Websites


If you’re an autodealer, you’re in dire need of a cutting edge website that can enable you to attract and retain customers. The website we’ll make for you will be the most critical part of your sales team which will drive dealership visits like a pro.

Car Mechanic

Over 60% of consumers conduct online products research before stepping into a store, and that includes car mechanic shops. Have us develop a website to sell your car mechanic services and optimize your digital experiences.

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What Our customers say

I'm a freelance content creator and got Yibbia to build a site for me. Within the first month, I was able to get a good number of clients! There is no way to replicate this result with such little money.

Nurul Shuhada

Yibbia's web development team is simply amazing! Their work is speedy and cost-effective, and their designs are too appealing for anyone to ignore.

Fatin Nabila

Yibbia is a software and web development organisation, owned by Massud Dot Me Solutions, with presence in the Aerospace, Maritime, Automotive, Education and Retail industries.